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Probiotics help to increase the “friendly” or “good” bacteria in your digestive system. In fact they promote intestinal health, create a favorable digestive environment for nutrient absorption and aid in the support of the immune system.* The more good bacteria you have in your system the better — increased levels of good bacteria help to create a favorable digestive environment.

In your body good and bad bacteria compete for the same nutrients throughout the intestine, we want to have more of the good and less of the bad. Probiotics help to maintain a healthy bacterial balance essential for healthy digestion, immune wellness and optimum intestinal function.*

In addition to intestinal well-being, probiotics also help to promote healthy immune function.* The “gut” plays an important and complex part in our overall immune health. Recent research suggests a significant percentage of the body’s immune system is actually located in the digestive tract. This part of the immune system is able to recognize and reject microorganisms that may challenge the body’s defense system. Probiotics can help to support the intestines, which aid in the protection against harmful agents.*

Not all bacteria are bad, but with the introduction of “antibacterial products,” we have been on a mission to rid our environment from disease and all bacteria. In combination with food safety regulations, increased additives in our foods and heat processes used to extend shelf life, neither the bad nor good bacteria are surviving the manufacturing process. Add to that an over reliance on antibiotics and it’s no wonder our good bacteria are being depleted. To restore a level of digestive wellness, probiotics help to put the good bacteria back into our systems.*

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