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Strengthen Your Digestive Health*…
The Core of Your Well-Being

Digestion plays a vital role in our daily health — it's the complex process in which your body transforms the food you eat into absorbable nutrients and energy you need in order to thrive. The way that your food is processed and absorbed contributes to your digestive health. "Digestive health" means a lot more than just an upset stomach. Stress, poor diet, disease and medications are just a few of the things that can disrupt your digestive system's healthy balance.

More than 34 million Americans experience digestive concerns.1 Poor digestion can have the same effects as poor nutrition — it is essential to not only have the right balance of nutrients in your diet, but to also ensure your digestion is performing at an optimum level. A healthy digestive system promotes proper nutrient absorption, intestinal wellness and immune health.* Achieving digestive balance helps you feel better about the foods you eat!

American Health® remains one of the most trusted and respected innovators in digestive care with enzyme and probiotic supplements. We offer a full line of digestive solutions; enzymes which help in the break down food in the stomach and encourage proper nutrient absorption, as well as probiotics to help maintain a natural balance of organisms (microflora) in your intestines.* Our supplements provide an essential foundation for daily digestive balance and gastric wellness.* We have your digestive health covered — American Health® — Good Health Made Simple.™

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