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Children’s Multivitamins…The Building Blocks To Good Health

It’s not always easy making sure your kids get the daily nutrition they need. Not all kids eat well - what you want them to have at the right time or what you know to be well-balanced. That’s why children’s vitamins were created. As parents, you want to find vitamins you really feel good about – clean formulas that are 100% vegetarian and non-GMO, with recommended nutrients that growing bodies need, and in a form and flavor kids will actually want to take.*

Ester-C® Kidstiks Multivitamin & Mineral Powder Drink Mix is a perfect choice for both parents and kids. For parents, it is a terrific alternative to sticky, sugary multivitamin gummies that easily cling to teeth. Plus, because Ester-C® Kidstiks are 100% vegetarian and non-GMO, you don’t need to be concerned, because they are completely free of “top of mind” allergens including gluten, nuts and dairy. Just one packet a day provides key vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients in an easy, non-effervescent powder drink mix. For kids, our natural fruit flavors – Groovy Grape and Tropical Punch – taste refreshingly good…so good, they will want to take Ester-C® Kidstiks every day.

Ester-C® Kidstiks powder packets mix easily with water and deliver many of the important nutrients children need, including:

  • Ester-C® Vitamin C – A patented vitamin C formula that supports immune health and delivers potent antioxidant support*

  • Vitamins B6, B12 – Key vitamins that naturally support energy metabolism*

  • Calcium – Plays an essential role in the development of strong teeth and bones*

  • Magnesium – Supports calcium in helping to keep teeth and bones strong*

  • Folic Acid – A B vitamin that is important for cell growth*

  • Electrolytes – Vital in supporting the body’s hydration requirements*

Ester-C® Kidstiks have got your child covered… 365 days a year.*

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